29th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium


Lisboa is a touristic city, especially in the summer, so be sure to book your accommodation well in advance.

The offer in Lisbon ranges from hostels to 5* hotels. We were able to secure a limited number of rooms in nearby hotels, with varying degrees of service and comfort. The room rates for these are shown below and may be booked in the 2nd page of the registration form (assigned on a first come, first served basis). Other nearby hotels can be found searching for Avenidas Novas or Gulbenkian. A map is provided below.

If you need any assistance, please contact our meeting organizer

Madalena Almeida
Phone: +351 21 415 6121

Hotel Holiday Inn Continental ****

Single Room: 90,00€
Double Room: 100,00€

Hotel Vip Zurique ***

Single Room: 59,50€
Double Room: 65,00€

Hotel Berna ***

Single Room: 57,50€
Double Room: 63,00€

For further enquiries or information, please contact Pedro Adão.